EcoFlow, maker of big-ass batteries that can even be stacked in the relentless pursuit of portable power, has returned with an even bigger-ass battery. Delta is dubbed “the world’s strongest battery generator” by the company and tops out with a capacity of 1300Wh and continuous AC output of 1800W. It also supports 3300W surges to accommodate spikes in power as connected appliances are powered on. For comparison, that means Delta can deliver about 16 amps, or about as much as a standard residential breaker.

Yes, it has handles, but they’re only for lugging this 30-pound battery out the closet to power your fridge in case of a blackout, or to setup next to your tent when car-camping where it’ll recharge your phone for about 6 months before giving up the ghost. Hell, it’ll even top-up a Tesla, according to the company, putting an extra five miles between you and the marauding zombies of the apocalypse.

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Delta is slathered in ports as we’ve come to expect from EcoFlow products. The US version ships with two regular 12W USB ports, two 28W fast charging USB ports, two 60W USB-C PD ports, one 12-volt car socket, and six AC wall outlets (four on the 220-240V international model). That gives Delta enough ports to power up to 13 devices simultaneously.

The Delta battery generator is lightweight, silent, and emissions free compared to portable gas generators that can cost twice as much, but are faster to refuel when the grid remains down. Delta can be recharged from zero to 80 percent in about an hour from a standard wall outlet, according to EcoFlow, or about two hours to get the battery back to full. It can also be charged over a universal solar recharging input in as little as four hours when using 400W panels in perfect sunlight.

EcoFlow is using Kickstarter to gauge interest in Delta and to take preorders which start at $799 for the beefy 1800W model. A cheaper $699 model is also available with 1000Wh capacity and 1600W output for those with less demanding needs. Although the usual crowd-funding warnings apply, backers can take comfort in knowing that EcoFlow has a good track record of delivering products to customers.

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